Northumbrian Landscape

Alison Norton


Alison Alison's early dreams of translating the archives of the Kremlin and Spanish Inquisition were relinquished for the dreamy spires of Durham Uni. After the day job she relaxes by chasing the bairns, Luke and Lewis.

Through it all her fiddle has been a faithful companion - the Nigel Kennedy award of the Birmingham Institute for the Hard of Hearing sits proudly in her abode on a windy hilltop in Gateshead.

Soothing tunes are conjured from the instrument (a sought after non Stradivarius), taking the Angel's sound to unexplored heights of entertainment on many Saturday nights. After the gig Alison usually tiptoes into bed at 1am, tired and satisfied, the final task before falling blissfully asleep being to re-tune the fiddle for the next booking. Fortunately hubby Mike snores in the key of A.