Northumbrian Landscape

Listen to Angels of the North

These audio clips are a selection of live and studio rehearsal recordings.

Blaydon Flats (2013) Blaydon Flats / The Quayside
Blaydon Races (2013) Blaydon Races / Bobby Shaftoe / Bonny Gateshead Lass / The Keel Row
Byker Hill (2013) Byker Hill / Elsie Marley
Charlie Hunters (2014) Christie Macleod / The Gallowglass Rant / Charlie Hunters
Chinese Breakdown (2013) Chinese Breakdown / Polka Chinois / Adam Buchan's / Sproats of Bernie Boozle / Ragtime Annie
Christmas Polkas (2013) The Christmas / Tournmore / Church Street / St.Mary´s
Come Dance and Sing (2013) Come let us Dance and Sing / Janes Fancy / Dinnington Rant
Dashing White Sergeant (2013) Dashing White Sergeant / Whitehaven Volunteers / Earl Gray
Drummond Castle (2013) Drummond Castle / The Stool of Repentance
East Boldon Jig (2013) East Boldon Jig / Anne Frazer MacKenzie / Major McKay
Gay Gordons - Geordie (2016) Scotland the Brave / Newcastle / My Lad's Ower Bonny for the Coal Trade
Haste to the Wedding (2013) Haste to the Wedding / Bridal Jig / Marche Nuptial de Berry
Lamb Skinnet (2013) Lamb Skinnet / Moon and Seven Stars / Oyster Girl
Mile to Ride (2013) A Mile to Ride / Gang to the Kye wi' me / Drink the Worts and Spill the Beer
Old Favourite (2013) Old Favourite / Morrisons
Pascais de Coana (2013) Pascais de Coana
Queen of Sluts (2013) Queen of Sluts / Such a Wife as Willy had / The Devil in a Bush
Riverside (2013) Lamshaws Fancy / Cuckold came out of the Amrey / Small Coals and Little Money / Dubell Kisses / Stewards Reel
Roman Wall (2013) Roman Wall / The Onion two-step