Northumbrian Landscape

Geordie Neet

Entertainment before supper with Geordie songs ancient and modern, followed by some North-eastern dance favourites.

Overture Absent Friends
Songs Keep your feet still Geordie Hinnie
  The Lambton Worm
  Fields of Gold
Listening Piece Keelmans Petition / Maggot Pie / Eyam Polka
Song Celebrated Working Man
Listening Piece The Flower among them a' / Lads of Alnwick
Songs/tunes The Quayside Shaver / The Waterboys
  Meet me on the Corner
Blaydon Races Geordie Song Set
Witches Reel Stockton Jig Set
Listening Piece XYZ
Canadian Barndance Farewell to Ellington / Waters Meet
Cumberland Square 8 Jamie Allen / Holmes' Fancy / 'cos he was a Bonny Lad
Listening Piece Waltz / She loves you
Duck for the Oyster Lamb Skinnet / Seven Stars / Oyster Girl
Gay Gordons Gay Gordons / Northumbrian Marches
Song Waters of Tyne
Geordie Bransle Wor Geordies lost his penker
Geordie Plodge Geordie Masquerade set
Song Oakey's strike evictions
St Bernards Waltz Banks of the Tyne / Banks of the Devron
The Riverside Own set
Listening Piece Local Hero