Northumbrian Landscape


The Angels of the North met through the Folkworks workshops at Caedmon Hall. The band was born in May 1998 when Noel had a gig that his school ceilidh band couldn't play. Could we become a band and play in six weeks?

The next few weeks were a hectic whirl of rehearsals but one of the biggest problems was choosing a name. Noel had called for a scratch band jokingly called "Angels of the North" for a charity ceilidh in the 1980s and as Anthony Gormley's wonderful sculpture had just appeared on the skyline, it seemed appropriate to revive the name.

Since then three original members have left to follow other musical interests. Judy, who has a squeeze box she wears on her chest, joined us in 2006. Lucy added a second fiddle and Chris added flute to the line up in 2010

From those humble beginnings, the Angels have developed their sound and built a reputation as one of the best ceilidh bands in the region, playing everywhere from local schools and sports clubs, through to the magnificent Lumley Castle and stylish Copthorne Hotel in the heart of Newcastle.

Wherever we play, we guarantee a fun time and a fantastic night!