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Adrian Woolley

Guitar / Acoustic Bass Guitar

Adrian Adrian's early involvement with music began as a chorister and a student violin player, but this was the sixties and guitar playing was the thing to do - so other music fell by the wayside as he tried to play the popular music of the day. Early musical performances with the guitar, in solo and group formats, were limited - and soon study, professional working life, and later on family life took over. The guitar was then mostly relegated to occasional bedroom strumming. Whilst performing took a back seat for many years, however, guitar playing interest had led the way into developing tastes for folk, blues and jazz.

During a professional career, first in industry, and later in academia, the guitar remained mostly in the bedroom or the study - except for a few rebellious and short episodes of playing folk, electro-folk and blues in clubs and pubs. As a form of relaxation and social involvement, the guitar was sporadically practiced and played throughout, with the thought that someday it would come into its own.

When Adrian retired nearly 10 years ago, at last the eagle was permitted to fly. After some intensive practice to get up to speed, engagement with various guitar-welcoming groups began, including folk, bluegrass, vintage rock, blues and jazz. Joining the Angels three years ago was a tentative but natural step for a guitar player who enjoys playing a variety of mostly folk-derived tunes with musicians, who take pride in their skill and performance. Other musical interests haven't been abandoned though, and as well as the Angels, Adrian plays guitar/performs in a band playing vintage pop/rock music, and also a jazz quartet that plays an eclectic range of jazz.