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Alison Norton


Alison Alison is one of the founding members of the Angels, helping to establish the twin fiddle lead which characterises the Angels' sound.

Alison learnt violin at school, playing in the county orchestra but at heart she was a rocker. At University she joined rhythm and blues club and later played at Newcastle's Bitter End Club. It was here that she discovered Dave Swarbrick and his exciting style has been and influence ever since. It also started her love of traditional fiddle music. She joined the Folkworks Caedmon ceilidh band class where she met with the rest of the original Angels.

Alison's classical training has proved to be particularly useful when the band play more complex arrangements as she has an uncanny ability to make the second lines compliment the lead melody. This is not just simple harmonies but complex counterpoint lines which have their own independent tunes. Alison's favourite things to play are Northumbrian tunes with interesting harmonies and very fast Irish reels.