Northumbrian Landscape
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Noel Jackson

Caller / Concertina / Tenor Banjo / Border pipes / Surprises

Noel Noel is a chemist, ecologist and an expert on bats, slugs and fungi. He claims that, like the rest of the Angels, they are not as unpleasant as you might imagine.

As the caller, Noel tries to keep the band in order, or does it work the other way round?

He is an avid collector of musical instruments and often adds a touch of the exotic to the driving Angels sound. You never know what he'll pull out of the bag.

Current favourites ~
Tenor Banjo by Clareen
Boyd English Concertina by Lachenal
Bouzouki by Tonewood
Border Pipes by Jonathan Swayne
Low Whistle by Shaw
Bass Viol by Rudolph Fiedler
Charango Bought In Quito
Small Pipes by Shaw & Jackson