Northumbrian Landscape


"Thank you for playing, you were great! Thank you for coming to the evening at Pinchingthope, you were star turns! Love Sarah"

"We reckon that we will end up with £350, which is not bad at all. We would certainly recommend you to any other organisers of a similar function. - Steve Cooper, Wetherby Lions"

"Thanks Noel, me and Chris had a great time at the ceilidh, the best new year I've had for ages. From Bill xx"

"I've never done so many new and interesting dances in one evening before.- Exhausted dancer, Marley Hill Summer Ceilidh"

"I never thought I'd dance again after the hip op, but I couldn't stay in my seat. I've had a wonderful time - Noel's Mum, Millennium Ceilidh, Ebchester"

"We love your ceilidhs, save us tickets for the next one - Bill Phillips"

"That's a great band you've got there - said independently by several guests at Gill's Farewell Party, November 2001"

"I really like the sound the Angels make - Steve Hutchinson"

"You been recommended to me by a friend who dances a lot - Jill Barker"