Northumbrian Landscape

Burns Supper

An evening of Scottish dance, recital and merriment.

19.00 Overture Atmospheric Scots tunes for canap├ęs
Bluebell Polka, Whitley Chapel Barn Dance, Osmosis Reel, Brig o' Blair Jack Frost Hornpipe.
19.30 First dance
Circassian Circle Charlie Hunters
Byre End Reel Iris Nicholson's Favourite
Listener Millbrae (Ronnie Cooper reels)
Cumberland Square Eight Jig of Slurs
20.15 Supper Including Selkirk Grace and Address the Haggis
21.00 Overture Drummond Castle
Gay Gordons Scientific Gay Gordons
Elspie McNabb Burn's Jigs
Listener Loch Lomond
Britannia Two Step Roman Wall
Dashing White Sergeant Rose Tree
Listener Da Fashion o' da Delting Lasses
Foula Reel Da Shaalds o' Foula
Orcadian Strip the Willow Mile to Ride/Foxhunters
Song Donald, Where's your trousers
Skye Waltz Over the sea to Skye
Glasgow Riverside Lamshaws Fancy
  Song Auld Lang Syne
23.00 Finish