Northumbrian Landscape

St Patrick's Night

An evening of Irish dance and songs.

19:00 Overture Atmospheric tunes for arrivals
Paddy Fahey's, Lark in the Morning, Congress Reel, Blackthorn Stick, Providence Reel, Morrisons
19:30 First dance
Circassian Circle Sally Gardens
OXO Reel Snug in the blanket
Song Black Velvet Band
Barn Dance Irish Molly
Bridge of Athlone Dingle Regatta, Banish Misfortune
Listening piece Titanic Polkas
20:30 Interval
21:00 Overture Cooleys
Gay Gordons Irish Gay Gordons
Waves of Tory Green Bracken, Piper on the Hob
Song Fields of Athenry
Irish Round 5 Sweets of May
Walls of Limerick
or Siege of Ennis
Cap'n Byng's Polkas
Listening piece
Falling Masonry Rakes of Kildare
Basket case Basket case
Song Wild Rover
Pride of Erin Waltz When Irish Eyes
Glasgow Riverside Lamshaws Fancy
23.00 Finish