Northumbrian Landscape

Summer Wedding Ceilidh

19:00 Overture Atmospheric tunes for arrivals
Lasses of Lynne, Pearl Wedding, East Boldon Jig, Come dance & sing
Circassian Circle Haste to the Wedding
Canadian Barn dance Kielder Schottische, Dormouse
Listener Wideopen Lasses, Presbyterian Hornpipe
Crown & Crossed Swords Salmon Tails, Whinham's Reel
Cumberland Square Eight Pasucais de Coana
20:00 Supper Including Cutting the cake and Bride's Bouquet
20:45 Overture Dribbles of Brandy
Gay Gordons Geordie Gay Gordons
Sausage machine Champagne Jig set
Listening piece Fog on the Tyne
Britannia Two-step Roman Wall/Onion Two-step
Dashing White Sergeant Whitehaven Volunteers
Listening piece Lambton Worm
Ocradian Strip the Willow Mile to Ride, Foxhunters
Listening piece One Swallow does not a Summer make
St Bernard Waltz Swindon set
Glasgow Riverside Lamshaw's Fancy
Listening Piece Going Home
22:30 Finish